(RE)Claim Series

Our Mission

Our mission is to use movement, text, song and other forms of art to inspire an exploration into how and what gives us an authentic sense of self, how we express those selves and how those selves can move us into the future creatively. 

Who We Are

Ta'Rajee Omar

Chris Woolfolk

Ta’Rajee Omar is a dancer, educator, and choreographer and the co-creator of the (Re)Claim; Detroit Project, an innovative training platform that explores and imagines the future of Identity, Culture and Art as it relates to our daily lives.

As a performer she has worked with choreographers Janis Brenner, Nathan Trice, Wanjiru Kamayu, Jennifer Archibald, Ronald K. Brown, and Francesca Harper, the visual artists Sameer Redy, Indigo Artists Collective, and Nick Cave, modeled for Rachel Comey’s New York Fashion Week collection and has been featured on Vogue.com. Since returning to Detroit she has  worked with Aku Kadogo, Marlies Yearby, Cleveland Raw Artists Showcase, and Body Rhythm Dance Theatre, which has become her artistic home.

Christopher Woolfolk Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Chris’ journey into the world of dance began at Wayne State University, where he switched from an engineering major to a dance education major and earned his Bachelor of Science in Dance Education. Woolfolk is a versatile artist, celebrated for his roles as a dancer, educator, and choreographer. His unwavering dedication to his craft led him to the prestigious Deeply Rooted Dance Theater in Chicago, where he honed his skills under the mentorship of dance luminaries Kevin Iega Jeff and Gary Abbott. 

Returning to his Detroit roots, Woolfolk discovered his artistic sanctuary at Body Rhythm Dance Theatre, forging a dynamic artistic connection with Shirley Bryant, a visionary choreographer, director, and teacher. Mr. Woolfolk has collaborated extensively with visionary artists such as Aku Kadogo, Marlies Yearby, Biba Bell, and Ta’Rajee Omar. Mr. Woolfolk continues to explore opportunities to expand his artistic palette as he recently broke onto acting in a hit Afro futuristic Techno Choreopoem entitled Salt City created and written by Detroit poetry legend Jessica Care Moore and directed by Kadogo. Together with Ta’Rajee Omar, he co-founded the groundbreaking (Re)Claim Series, an innovative training platform delving into the multifaceted realms of identity, culture, and art and it’s importance and correlations to life.

Ta’Rajee Omar and Christopher Woolfolk created (RE)Claim to (RE)Connect marginalized people with their powerful pasts and to offer (RE)Solutions and (RE)Demption to organizations and individuals that seek to right their past misdeeds.

What We Do

“We appreciate that many allies and accomplices do not know how to break down the systems of oppression that have allowed them to prosper.

“Potential solutions often seem untenable because they are new, uncomfortable, and contrary to established norms.

We work with clients through the spirit of restorative justice and help them lean into this discomfort while pointing out the simple truth that the most innovative approach is always the most frightening and usually takes participants to new heights. In the words of James Baldwin, ‘Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced’. ReClaim will help you face, ReDeem, and ReCeive a new pathway forward, towards equity, healing, and forgiveness.”


To begin a conversation around how we can work with you, please write us at: TheReClaimSeries@gmail.com

The Reclaim Series creates a space for community to dynamically inquire, explore and imagine the future of Identity, Culture and Art, as it relates to their daily lives. Our goal is to use dance/movement, text, restorative justice, investigation, and song to inspire a collaborative deep dive into how and what gives us an authentic sense of self, how we express those selves and how those selves can move into the future without exploiting others.